Creatures from the Aygalades

MITR (Made in the river) collective is an interdisciplinary project rooted in art/science research around the ecosystem of the Aygalades river in Quartiers Nord of Marseille. The project explores the possibilities of artistic exploration and co-creation with its polluted waters, through œuvres plastiques, performance and audiovisual art.

In 2023-24 MITR co-created with the river –  the rivermade creatures emerged from found waste and hybrid materials .

MITR is led by three artists working in collaboration with local community collective, les Gammares. For ten years les Gammares have been working on revitalizing the river’s ecosystem. But today’s postnatural environment heavily altered by the human impact needs new ways of seeing, listening, thinking and acting. Through interdisciplinary artistic research, MITR explores the vital interplay between nature and people – possible ways of collaborative co-creation with the river and its communities – raising awareness of the river’s future.


The project began with close observation of materials sourced from the urban waterways, including plastics, metals and fabric. Through the transformative influence of water over time, these materials have evolved into entirely new, unmapped fibres; inspiring several research/work directions, which we develop in 2024-25: for now see here for more images and details