Antidote Signs

Word-Object for lockdown and beyond- antidotes for our current and future trajectory:

counterproductions/decentrederspace have support artists and other creative citizens swimming against the current enforced confinement – to imagine, make together and apart a piece of exchange artwork.

Some of these signs are now on permanant dsiplay in Peckham and will be shared with Inspirallers at events such as Come Hell or High Water over the next months (July – November 2020)

Counterproductions has now created over 80 word-oject anti-signs for placement along Inspirallondon Trail.  Continuing to manufacture a raft of antidotes: Word-Objects exchanged as anti-signs are short, pithy messages; in spirit of neo-dada, adopt attitudes of multi-lingual, de-centering, cross meaning messaging. Submission above 35 characters will only be considered on the rare occassion that they are so ridiculous and meaningfilled that they require hatcheting down and re-interpreting.

There are 3 threads for this exchange with the overall schema of creating antidotes for our current and future trajectory:

  1. An immediate response to the absurdities or contradictions of current ‘global’ lockdown. Taking the idea of social distancing and isolation to their illogical conclusion and testing our capacity to endure and adapt to the mixed messages bombarding our freedoms: ‘A part Two Gather/To Gether A part’
  2.  Wor(l)d Objects – for contemplating, reflecting on and confronting the ongoing ecological extinction crisis – through the eyes of the other or with other senses – to provide an antidote to the anthropocene, and other anthropocentric viewpoint.
  3. “The Magic of the Public Notice” – as a continued response to the imperative of public notices and their often incongurous, hidden or unconscious meaning – we invite contributions of merit and exceptional wit.