InspiralLondon Metropolitan Trail – Vitrine Display at MuCem Marseille (Nov 2017)



Beautification Committee Walks for Common & Garden (CGPLondon, Aug/Sept 2017)



Supernormal Super Sensory Summer School Sanctum, The Dome, Braziers (Aug 2017)



Performance ‘Con/TEMPORARY Art’ at South London Gallery (with This Happy Band)



Con/Temporary Art (October 2015, SLG London) Photos: Manuela Barczewski


Detours to InspiralLondon: Gravesend July 5th 2014/Gravesend June 20th 2015; Stave Hill Ecology Park, Surrey Quays 6th July 2014; then 1st segment Kings Cross, London June 21st 2015; 2nd segment July 26th 2015; 3rd segment from Southwark Bridge 18 October 2015. Walks, sound experiments and live broadcast as part of Inspiral London (PSi20 Fluid States, North Atlantic; locus sonus) and in Athens. To keep up to date with detours Inspiral London visit:  inspirallondon 

Charlie participated in Supernormal Supersensory Summer School @ Braziers, Oxfordshire (7-9th August 2015) – SSSSS ‘we can all be part of the sensorum’. Then in 2016 Woodhenge; 2017 Sanctum – further investigations tbc.

Ongoing exchange, word-objects and anti-sign project: continuation of work for Overtime, Detours/Marseille, and for Detours2 London – work onsite or at ‘POOL’ (CGP, London 7th July-28th July 2015) and located along the Thames foreshore (Autumn 2015), including ‘Common & Garden’ (August 2017, CGPLondon)

Past Events

Curation and collaborative projects including: InspiralLondon, DeCentreDerSpace (Marseille-Provence 2013); De/Tours (Marseille & London); Shibboleth the Show (Dilston Grove, CGPLondon); Pavilion (Art Caucasus, Tblisi, Georgia): Grunts for the Arts/Artists’ Plc (Hackney Marshes, Burgess Park, Soho, London); Hay Day event (CGPLondon); Fete & Bath Night (Camberwell Arts): CGTV (Leeds Market & Brixton Market); Basecampment (National Review of Live Art); Night/Shift/Drift (PSi Zagreb, Croatia): Janus (Cafe Gallery, London); This Happy Band at Brixton (Commonist Gallery, Brixton)












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