from Flotsam & Jetson

Flotsam and Jetson (November 2018 – November 2019)

For Woolwich part of InspiralLondon artist Charlie Fox was commissioned by Ghost Tide curators to create a new antisign walk. Channeling the spirit of Sailor Forbes – out of the Dockyard detritus and dereliction – the artist has created a series of signs, a spirit journey that guides the walker along the Thames and back through the foot tunnel at Woolwich.


These Ghost Signs from Flotsam to Jetson, tracing like Inuit maps, other ways to navigate the migratory spirit time of the Thames. In responding to the margin and edgelands of the inter tidal zone, Sailor Forbes will provide an other ghosted way to be in and experience the immediate Thames/Gallery area. Map pamphlets are available at Thameside Studios (other locations forthcoming). The project was generously supported using public funding by Arts Council England.