21stC Beautification Committee (2018-20)


IMG_1198The 21st Century Beautification Committee (counterproductions 2018)

Working with InspiraLLondon, collectively to create ways to ‘beautify’ & care for the Metropole – through creative arboreal investigation/s (2017-2020)

On April 22 (2018) the 21stC Beautification Committee carried a plane tree seedling from a mature tree in North Southwark (London) to the former nursery site and convalescent home of Fairby Grange. On the edge of Hartley (North Kent), we met Graham and Sheila Taylor and the documentary filmmaker Nicolette Burford to visit both the grounds and the house where the Salters had worked. Here we planted the seedling in remembrance of all their tireless work creating and managing a civic project that included the growing, planting and care of over 7000 street trees, transforming Rotherhithe and Bermondsey  with green life. (images: counterproductions & Keith Turpin)